Village Hall in Weeton

Weeton Village Hall was purchased by the residents of Weeton Village from Haydock Camp. It was brought to Weeton in 1920.

The Hall was purchased from monies collected from working people in Weeton. All working people contributed 2/6 that’s 15 pence in today’s money. It was transported from Haydock to Kirkham by train in sections. From Kirkham, it was transported to Weeton by horse and cart.

During the first world war, it was used by the Women’s Royal Voluntary Service (WRVS) as a canteen to service many of the 7,500 soldiers stationed at Weeton Army Camp.

It has been in the same location all this time and could tell many a story.

After the war, it was returned to the people of Weeton as a Village Hall.

Village Hall Committee

Trustees of Weeton Village Hall:

Harold Butler

John Smith

Beryl Braithwaite

Richard Hardy

Weeton Village Hall Committee:

Chairman – Peter Isles

Vice-Chairman – John Singleton 

Treasurer – Lynn Whiteside

Secretary – Isabel Gardener

Crofter Newsletter – John Singleton 

Members of the Committee:

Janet Graham

John Singleton 

Peter Isles

Isabel Gardener

Lynn Whiteside

Caron Berry

Hire of Weeton Village Hall

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